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first ultra of the decade

Saturday,  01/02/10  08:49 PM

Today I rode my first "ultra" of the decade, the PCH Rando 200K.  I've done this ride in previous years, too, but this year they added some serious climbing; a total of 5,700' spread over 127 miles.  Yikes.  It was great fun.  I managed to do it in 8:00 elapsed, 7:20 riding time, which is pretty good for that much climbing.  Out of 70+ riders, I think I ended up fifth, yay me.  I am completely blown and hobbling around the house, but very happy.  There is no feeling quite like successfully riding an ultra...

the "teeth" at the 55 mile mark are the climb around Lake Castaic
routemap courtesy of the awesome
(note automatically generated profile)

a little excitement at 70 miles (Carpinteria), broke a spoke
was sure I would end up "tacoing" the wheel, but although it was wobbly it made it
thank you Mavic

the view of Santa Cruz Island, 20 miles offshore
the wild beauty of the ocean is a feature of this ride

obligatory shot of the space park at Point Mugu
nice tailwind here, but it was a headwind all the way back to Moorpark

at the finish
one tired puppy, could barely smile, but happy inside :)

A great way to start the decade.  One of the best things about long rides is the think time; you are concentrating on nothing, your mind drifts, and it is such a luxury.  My typical days are go go go always focused on doing something.  Maybe that's why I ride?  I can't say I solved all the world's problems, but I did at least contemplate them for eight hours :)

[Update: thanks to Bill for pointing out this New Yorker cover; that is exactly what goes on in my head while riding...]


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