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Yule in high def

Thursday,  12/24/09  09:36 AM

Yule in high def :)

(next up - Yule in 3D :)


Merry Christmas Eve!

Thursday,  12/24/09  10:14 AM

Merry Christmas Eve!Merry Christmas Eve to y'all...  I must tell you I had a wonderful day yesterday, but I must not tell you all the reasons why.  Suffice it to say it was a great way to end the year... and to look forward to the next!

I was talking with a friend about my "Midway" resolution, that next year will not be like this year.  So far, so good; this year since then hasn't been like this year before... not sure why exactly, but it hasn't... I am staying focused on a bigger picture, and it is good.

iPhone in iPhone - augmented reality!An iPhone app which, um, simulates an iPhone in augmented reality.  Complete with apps!  Yes you must see it; useful, no, but interesting, definitely...

So... I am back on Firefox, after dallying with Chrome as my default browser.  Chrome is faster, but there are two things which caused me to switch back, first, I no like-a da tabbed browsing; I want a new window when I click a link.  Second, there are a number of sites which don't work, some kind of JavaScript incompatibilities (like Typepad!).  The first thing is a kind of stubbornness, Google wants you to like tabbed browsing, so they make you use it.  It would be easy for this to be an option, and hopefully it will.  Fixing JavaScript to support "everything" will come I am sure.  So this could be a temporary switch back...  stay tuned.

Saturn's moondanceThis is pretty cool, from Nasa and Cassini: Saturn's moondance.  Set to Tchaikovsky, of course...

A treatise: The science of Avatar.  As with any sci-fi movie Avatar takes some license with physical laws, but on the whole it seems less farfetched than most, and honestly makes an effort.  The least plausible science is the Avatar technique itself - could a human mind really be linked to an alien body? - but if you let that go the rest follows pretty naturally.  Well okay, there is that strongly magnetic anti-gravity unobtainium, too...

Jeff Bezos on Amazon's success, including the surprise popularity of the Kindle.  "Lyons: Have you been surprised by the Kindle's success?  Bezos: Astonished. Two years ago, none of us expected what has happened so far. It is [our] No. 1 bestselling product."  Cool...

wind turbine Christmas star!Siemens transformed a windmill into a Christmas star, by adding 9,000 LEDs to the 30 meter blades ...  wow how cool is that?

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful time hanging out with those you love...


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