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Wednesday,  12/16/09  08:39 PM

This is coming to you live from the Charthouse in Dana Point, post Kessel Run, as I attempt to use my Palm Pre to blog (!).  I am dragging, had a *long* day yesterday; up early, busy day of meetings, long and exhausting, ending with a good ride and a fantastic dinner.  Yeah, I might have had some Pinot, too.  It left me tired but smiling :)

And today was pretty good too!  Okay, let's see how well this works, as we make a filter pass...

It looks like healthcare reform might die completely.  Wow, could that really be true?  It seemed too much to hope for, and yet each attempt to craft a bill is worse than the previous, crufted with pork and graft, and the American public is getting progressively less excited.  What a failure.  We need reform, but all these attempts are doomed by too much government involvement.

Red, White, and Sacre Bleu: How American Wines Shocked the World.  I love it.  I love American wines, too, in fact I'm enjoying one right now...

Wow, Toyota testing a plug-in Prius, to go on sale in 2011.  Another game changer?  Could be...

Jeff Atwood celebrates International Backup Day; he's urging you to do backups after suffering a disaster.  Amen, brother.

Joel Spolsky suggests let's stop talking about backups.  It is not enough to do backups, you must also do restores.  Amen, brother.

Facebook passes AOL in the U.S., in unique visitors.  The surprising thing about this to me is that they hadn't done so already; does anyone still visit AOL?  Really?

Google wants you to give Chrome for Christmas.  Price $0, and they'll do the [virtual] gift-wrapping for you.  What a cute idea.  Have you been good this year?

Hey, I think my Pre blogging worked!  Next up, pictures; yeah I know, you miss them.  Stay tuned!


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