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outside the billboard

Sunday,  11/22/09  08:28 PM

thinking outside the billboard
I like it


Sunday,  11/22/09  08:56 PM

Another beautiful day in paradise, spent watching football (three games back-to-back), working, and generally enjoying.  After a generally cool year (especially summer) this has been a hot Fall, at least so far...

Cyclelog: Rockstore *again*, 28 miles.  Me and a kazillion motos.  Eleventh day of riding in a row, and it is still not easier.

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia - an amazing SuperTuscanDinner last night was exceptional, L'Opera in Long Beach, one of our favorites.  Had a 2004 Tenuta dell'Ornellaia which was unbelievable.  At this point I am rarely astonished by a wine, but this was so powerful and delicious, we were amazed.

Beaujolais Nouveau - est arrive!After which, we went to our friends Benny and Jan's Beaujolais Nouveau party, which was really fun; I am not necessarily a fan of Beaujolais, but my education in French wines continues.  And it was a great time seeing some old sailing friends.

Barack Obama...  we elected a candidate.  Run run run.

And so to get a health care bill passed, the Democratic leadership in the Senate has bought Mary Landrieu's vote for $100M.  Disgusting.  Federal aid to a state (Louisiana), disguised as healthcare reform.  Blech.

Turns out Mary Landrieu wants us to know, her vote didn't just cost $100M, it cost $300M.  Oh.  Triple Blech.

Neuhaus T-2 tube amplifier - audio heavenNeuhaus Labs T-2 amplifier uses tubes.  "Of course, the T-2 Amplifier has ruined my life.  All my other audio equipment now sounds like ass."  I could so get into tube amps.  But better I don't go there.

the Sea Cucumber, amazingIs this really an animal?  The curiously named Sea Cucumber.  Amazing.


share the road

Sunday,  11/22/09  09:54 PM

You are fat and especially lazy for thinking this could possibly be anything like me at all.
Share the road!

(thanks, Marc ;)


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