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Thursday,  11/19/09  09:39 PM

Yesterday was just about perfect.  I can't tell you why, but it left me very inspired.

"contemplation"This morning I slept in and actually did a little nothing for a while before “going to work”.  It was good.  Weird but good.  Somehow the world didn’t stop just because I didn’t check my email immediately.  I realize, *this* is the mindset I need for being productive.  Not the customer / email / status / phone kind of productive, but how-do-I-change-the-world productive.  It is so easy to fall into the spin cycle and lose the big picture.

Cyclelog, 11/18: Kessel run, 30 miles.  Took it easy in the fog.
Cyclelog, 11/19: Hidden valley, 25 miles.  Cold and dark and thoughtful...

vista: Eze and Cap FerratThe BMW Oracle team racing in the Louis Vuitton Cup apparently have bicycles, and used them to ride from Nice to Monaco, stopping to take the amazing picture of the ancient city of Eze at left.  That would be Cap Ferrat in the background, some of the most amazing real estate on Earth.  I have fond memories of a certain dinner in Eze itself, overlooking the Cote d'Azur...

66,666 miles at 66 mphYesterday I passed a milestone; 66,666 miles.  Naturally I did it at 66mph.  Unfortunately the temperature did not cooperate; as I was in San Diego, it was of course 70o :)

Paul Graham: Apple's Mistake.  "Software isn't like music or books.  It's too complicated for a third party to act as an intermediary between developer and user.  And yet that's what Apple is trying to be with the App Store: a software publisher."  For a company that has shown everyone it knows what it is doing, Apple sure does get a lot of criticism and advice.  The iPhone App Store sure doesn't feel like a mistake to me...

dinner with M: Michelin inspector in actionThe New Yorker interviews a Michelin inspector, and has Dinner with M.  An interesting peak behind the curtain.

Finally, here we have the Top Ten Internet Moments of the Decade.  See if you can make your own list first, before reading theirs...  man there are so many.  My own vote would go for Google AdWords, it seems like in fifty years looking back, that would be the most significant.


Quantum Sculptures

Thursday,  11/19/09  11:03 PM

These are awesome:
Julian Voss-Andreae's Quantum Sculptures
Please click through and check 'em out

I would love to have some of these :)

Julian Voss-Andreae's Quantum Sculptures

[ via Boing Boing ]


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