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Monday,  11/09/09  11:21 PM

A nice little day of work and work and work (followed by football; great game).  In anticipation of a nice little week of work and work and work (followed by football).  And sprinkled in, a bit of blogging...

SuperFreakonomics: planetary re-engineering?Did you read Freakonomics?  Did you like it?  Then perhaps you will read / like SuperFreakonomics...  but you might consider this review.  Perhaps they are exchanging science for voodoo.  As you guys know, I am no fan of over-reacting to global warming, but I am always on the side of science.

Dave Winer loves the Droid.  The key for him is developer freedom.  Yeah, but...  the user experience isn't quite quite, right?

Speaking of user experience, Jan Mikovsky introduces QuickUI, a fast and powerful way to create web UI controls (in C#).  It uses a superset of HTML as a control markup language.  Interesting...

Jeff Atwood: Whitespace, the silent killer.  I love it.  Who knows how many extra spaces I've wasted in this post?

Happy fifth birthday, Firefox!ArsTechnica celebrates the fifth birthday of Firefox.  Happy Birthday!  Hard to believe there was a time when I used IE as my daily browser, but there was...

Tim Oren warns of Buzzword heath death.  It is so true; once a technical term escapes into the real-world, it can be corrupted beyond all recognition.  ("there's an app for that".)

Twitter and LinkedIn are now connectedTwitter and LinkedIn are now connected together; when you tweet, it is visible on LinkedIn, and when you update your business status, it is tweeted.  I have an account on both, and they are now connected, but my life has not changed :) 

BTW awesome infographic by TechCrunch (at right).

Is there no limit to their ambition?  Amazon opens a new denim shop, with free shipping and returns.  They've just closed the Gap.  Wow.

Rock Band played with a flute, awesomeness redefined!Rock band played with a flute, awesomeness redefined.  Engadget's headline says it all.  I can see my daughter Megan doing this...  in fact I know she's going to try; stay tuned :)

ZooBorn: a baby BelugaZooBorn of the day: a baby Beluga.


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