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Wednesday,  09/30/09  11:01 PM

Wow, the end of Q3.  I cannot believe it, this year has absolutely flown by.  You know what happens next, right?  October, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and poof! before you know it, 2009 is gone.  Yikes!

Meanwhile I shall engage in a teeny bit 'o bloggin':

(Oh yeah, no luck yet finding a 508 crew.  If you or anyone you know would like to spend a pleasant weekend following a cyclist around in a car while seeing the Panamint Valley, Death Valley, and Mojave Nature Preserve, please let me know!)

Cancer research hit the news bigtime today, with an announcement of the University of California's Athena project.  Sounds like a wonderful use for ARRA funds, amid many not-so-wonderful uses.  I hope digital pathology can contribute!

Related: Obama issues $5B in ARRA grants to NIH.  I still don't think this is a great way to fund basic medical research, but if the government is going to spend our money on something, might as well be this.  Better than bailing out failed businesses like banks, car companies, and newspapers...

amazing skyline (click to enbiggen)Here we have the most amazing skyline ever: an image composed with real buildings from all over the world, gathered together with Photoshop.  I must say it looks like Coruscant.  I love it. 
(please click to enbiggen)

It is amazing how much mediaplay augmented reality is getting these days (well in advance of practical demonstrations of the technology), e.g. point your phone to ID places.  "Already, you can point your phone's camera at a building to identify it, and someday soon you may be able to aim your device at a person to see their name and personal information displayed on the live camera view."  Of course buildings don't move, so you can Id them with GPS and a compass; people move, so you need face recognition from movies, a much harder task.  Still the concept is definitely not going away.

ZooBorn: baby Firefox (aka Red Panda)ZooBorn of the day: a baby Firefox!  (aka Red Panda)


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