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Tuesday,  09/29/09  10:23 PM

Okay... what's happening?  Well, I am somewhat digging out at work, I am not totally buried anymore and [as noted in recent posts] have been - gasp! - doing some coding.  You know, actual work.  And I am still fully buzzed from Sunday night's concert.  I have said this before, but I really think that might have been the best concert I've ever seen.  Queensryche just fully rocked, but what can we say about Chickenfoot?  Man I hope they stick around and stick together, I cannot wait for another album from them...

I have great great news, a wonderful angel named Joani has descended to offer her services as crew captain for me in the Furnace Creek 508.  Yay!  I still need to find a co-crew, but she is an experienced and able and willing crew chief so I am WAY ahead already.  I am scanning all horizons in parallel for volunteers to serve as crew, please don't hold back if you want to help.  I am now -> <- this close to being able to compete.

Let's make a quick filter pass, shall we?

Palm Pre - now with WebOS 1.2 inside!I have officially upgraded my Palm Pre to WebOS 1.2 - it was totally seamless, the phone offered, and I accepted - and I am liking it.  So far everything works, there are little improvements everywhere, and the phone "feels" faster.  Good stuff.

Rio. As a pretty strong alternative to Chicago :)The Horse's Mouth eloquently frames the problem with Chicago's Olympic bid: So Let Me Get This Straight, It's Chicago Or Rio.  There's a lot more to hosting an Olympics than ambiance, and I happen to like Chicago a lot, but Rio is pretty compelling...

Joke of the day, via Powerline: "WARNING: If you get an email entitled: 'Nude photo of Nancy Pelosi,' DON'T OPEN IT!! It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi."  Ouch.

I know we used to say this about YouTube, but Twitter has now reached historic levels of investment for a company with no revenue or business model.  They've raised $155M in capital, and for what?  So they can run a messaging service?  I so don't get it.  It is possible that Microsoft or Yahoo or Google will buy them, thereby bailing them out (and excusing them from ever figuring out a business model), but I think increasingly unlikely.  Let's watch this one play out.

Russell Beattie: Yahoo! Needs a Real Vision.  I completely agree, they have lost the plot.  "To be the center of people's online lives" is something only a marketing committee could love.  There is no there there.

Thermaltake's innovative level 10 PC chassisExclusive: Thermaltake's Jaw-Dropping Level 10 Chassis Unboxed!  It is a pretty darn cool design for a computer, one of the few new ideas we've seen lately...


American vice

Tuesday,  09/29/09  10:39 PM

an infographic from Wired's September issue

I find the correlations interesting...  Greed and Pride, Envy and Wrath, Gluttony and Lust. 
I question the measurement of Sloth; "entertainment" and "recreation" take a lot of energy :)


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