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I'm just a singer in rock band

Monday,  08/17/09  09:24 PM

Rock Band 2So last weekend while staying with friends in Montecito, I sang in a rock band.  Which is to say, they had the Rock Band video game, and we all grabbed the "instruments", and I ended up singing.  I blame the Sea Smoke Pinot, under which influence I will do most anything. 

So yes, there I was, singing to the Sweet's Ballroom Blitz, full gas: "ready Steve?, ah ha, Andy?, yeah, Mick?, okay, all right fellows... let's GOOOO", "and the man in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz", "she thinks SHE'S THE PASSIONATE ONE".  It was pretty ugly, and pretty excellent.

Oh yeah we did some Black Sabbath and some Jethro Tull and even Edgar Winter.  Sadly, I do know all those lyrics, and sadly, I did belt them out at full volume.  Let me just say that I'm glad no recording exists.


my next bike

Monday,  08/17/09  10:09 PM

I have found my next bike.  It is made out of wood, by Renovo, and you tell me this isn't gorgeous:

Renovo R4

Stiff, light, smooth riding...  a perfect frame.  And you know this is going to turn heads wherever you go...  I cannot wait to get one.  I finally have found the right "next bike".  [ via Inhabitat ]


Monday,  08/17/09  10:27 PM

Off to bed, busy day and busier week ahead... but first a teeny bit of blogging...

the social media relationship diagramA perfect description of the current state of "social media", via Doc Searles.  "You’ll notice that blogging isn’t in the diagram.  I bring that up because I think there is a difference between the social media in the Venn diagram and blogging, and that difference is akin to that between weather and geology."  Bangs the nail directly on the head.

Arthur Brooks explains Why Obama's Ratings are Sinking.  "Citizens will put up with a lot - but not with anyone who imperils our future. There is practically nothing that lowers American happiness more than taking away our faith in a better tomorrow."  That's it exactly, it isn't bad enough that his programs aren't working, they're going to hurt us for a long time.

505 planing to weather on San Francisco BayAn awesome shot of a 505 planing to weather on San Francisco Bay, from the Horse's Mouth.  Thank you :)

Great news: the Palm OS App Catalog is now open for submissions.  Stand by for a flood of Web OS apps! :)

Galileo's Armillary Sphere (astolabe) from 1578I love this: Galileo's Armillary Sphere (aka Astrolabe) from 1578.  "At the center of this instrument sits a globe representing the earth. The bands around it pivot on a common center and illustrate the paths of the sun and moon, known planets and important stars."  Of course Galileo's observations were central to discrediting the theory that the Earth was the center of the universe.

Ted Dzuiba makes a great point: Context Switches are Bad, but Stack Traces are Worse.  "The danger here is when you're six or seven levels deep into yak-shaving, and your manager wants to know what you're doing and why."  Fortunately as a manager I understand this, and can accept a high-level summary.  I do think it is good to know what's going on, just to prevent infinite recursion and stack overflows :)

ZooBorn: Piping Plover chickToday's ZooBorn is another cute chick: a little Piping Plover.  Cheers!


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