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TDF stage 14 / flat - Ivanov attacks break to win, Hincapie narrowly misses yellow

Saturday,  07/18/09  10:31 AM

TDF09 stage 14 - George Hincapie was in virtual yellow all day, before Astana (!) and Garmin (!) reeled him back...Weird doings on the road in France, as a day-long break of twelve riders stayed away on the [last] flat stage from Colmar to Besançon.  Sergei Ivanov attacked the break with 5km to go for the win, but more interestingly the leader on GC in the break was George Hincapie, who missed taking over yellow by 5 seconds.  Astana spent a great deal of time all day pulling back the break - why? - and Garmin spent a lot of time at the end pulling hard - why? - and their efforts combined to keep estwhile friend Hincapie from taking over the lead from Rinaldo Nocentini.  It is tough to explain why Astana or Garmin would care, but apparently they did, to my chagrin and that of cycling fans everywhere.  How great would it have been to see George wear yellow one more time?

Anyway that's that for the sprint stages until the final day in Paris; Farrar never did get a chance to try Cavendish one more time, and Thor Hushovd actually increased his lead in the points competition by winning the sprint of the peloton.  Now we head into the Alps all week, where the Tour will really be decided; I am very much looking forward to tomorrow's stage.  Velonews thinks Evans still has a chance, and tomorrow will be crucial, and we'll see what Levi Leipheimer's departure means to Astana.  Stay tuned!

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Saturday,  07/18/09  10:46 AM

Saturday morning blogging, pre-BBQ; it's going to be a hot one.  Back for the weekend in between a busy week at work, and another one coming up.  I am pleased to report that being me has apparently paid off and I've achieved a nice resolution to my "situation".  Whew.  I'm still a bit under a cloud but time heals all.

I've tweaked my Twitter / Facebook interface a bit to implement my own URL shortener.  You probably don't care, but Twitter automatically shortens any URL longer than 30 characters; they used to use TinyURL but now they use  Well it doesn't matter what they use, I didn't want my links to redirect through anything else, so now I make intermediate links which are shorter than 30 characters and which always redirect through my site.  Hopefully it will "just work" and you won't care :)

Walter Cronkite: the most trusted man in AmericaSad: Walter Cronkite has died, the "most trusted man in America".  Impossible to imagine any of today's "news" anchors receiving the same respect and adulation, isn't it?  He must have been horrified by what TV News has become.  And that's the way it was...

Want an example?  John Gruber anoints CNN Jackasses of the Week for their incredible coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing; they actually lead with a story about whether the whole thing was a hoax.  I wonder who their audience is, eh?  Idiocracy indeed.

Philip Greenspun considers the California fiscal crisis.  "The reasonable question to ask is not 'How did they run out of cash?' but 'How was this ever supposed to work?'"  A question many of us are asking, unfortunately...

Steve Chapman writes some statements are inherently unbelievable.  "Such as: 'I am an official of the government of Nigeria, and I would like to deposit $60 million in your bank account.'  Or: 'I'm Barry Bonds, and I thought it was flaxseed oil.'  And this new one: 'I'm Barack Obama, and I favor more competition in health insurance.'"  Obamacare is descending into farce, going the way of Clintoncare.  If they do pass this bill, we'll all be asking "how was this ever supposed to work?"

Josh Newman reports great success: "As planned, I am now thirty, in Paris with Jess, and drinking Cognac in our hotel bar."  Congratulations!  May 40 and 50 work equally well (as 60 and 70 and 80 and ...)

Brenda Lyons turns 40: Ahhh OK

1984, Kindle edition. Be careful or big brother might delete it!There's this weird story making the rounds, I first heard it from my Mom: Apparently Amazon are actually deleting copies of 1984 from customers' Kindles.  Seems the distributor didn't have the right to sell it electronically, but they did anyway and Amazon corrected the situation by deleting the books people had already bought, and then refunded their money.  Amazing that they had the capability to do that (don't turn on Whispernet!) and that they had the stupidity to use the capability, as the backlash is predictably severe

And of course one must comment how great is it that the book involved in 1984?

Mosaic JellyfishPicture of the day: A mosaic jellyfish, courtesy of National Geographic.

Are you like me, did you ask yourself "you mean National Geographic still exists"?  Yes, apparently :)

It's getting crowded in space, as thirteen people were on the International Space Station at once, during a crew transition.  Wonder if they had to bring their own chairs?  Seriously that is amazing; the ISS is often treated as a bit of a joke, an expensive and wasteful sideshow to true space exploration, but the technology developed and validated for it is quite amazing.

SpaceX launch of communications satellite into Earth orbitSpaceX have released a series of incredible photos from their successful launch on July 14, in which a Falcon 1 rocket placed a Malaysian communications satellite into orbit.  The event itself was pretty momentous, but the pictures are cool too...  check 'em out!

My favorite post of this summer has to be Summer.  Those pictures of the girl beachside with a drink and that Hobie Cat just define "summer" somehow.  Have a great summer weekend!


Pre tending

Saturday,  07/18/09  01:22 PM

Palm Pre - to be or not to be my phone? That is the question, to be answered soon...Okay, the news you've all been waiting for: I am back on a Palm Pre.  I just went to my Sprint store where the very nice people gladly exchange my old could-not-hold-a-charge-at-all Pre for a brand new one.  Coolly, the new Pre auto-synced with Palm exactly back to where my old one was, including applications, Exchange sync setup, background graphics, etc.  So I am now back to Pre-tending.  I am excited but also I am going to be merciless with it on battery life; this is binary, either the 'phone can last long enough to be useful for me or if cannot; I'm not going to run around worrying about battery life all day.  fXf and stay tuned!


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