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Monday,  07/13/09  10:31 PM

Yikes, I crashed hard into reality this morning, after an unreal long and cool weekend.  Work, bills, house maintenance, friends, kids, wife, all need and deserve attention :)  And meanwhile, it all continues to happen...

Palm Pre with its Achilles heel: the batteryI am almost ready to try my Palm Pre again.  The waiting lists at the Sprint stores have dissipated, and it is now possible for me to do a hardware exchange and test my [hopeful] theory that my particular Pre suffered from worse battery life than most.  I have been reading that battery life is considered an issue for the Pre, which sucks; the power users who are the Pre's natural market are going to demand that they be able to use their device all day without charging.  I do see where companies have begun offering more powerful batteries; that might be worth trying... as always please stay tuned.

Alfa Romeo - fast and cool - the companionway ladder looks like an Alfa grillThe Amazing Alfa Romeo yacht smashed the Long Beach to Hawaii Transpac race record; taking a full day off the previous record of six days.  Wow.  Not only is the boat fast, it is really cool; check out these pictures of the interior, styled to look like an Alfa Romeo...  I particularly like the way the companionway ladder looks like an Alfa grill; that is way cool.

Wouldn't it be fun to have enough money and time to worry about stuff like this?

the new Jaguar XJ styled like the XFSo apparently this is what the new Jaguar XJ is going to look like; updated to have a strong family resemblance to the XF.  I like it.  The XF is a head-turner, and the XJ is a great driving car; combining them together might be great.  Good for Tata, their effect on the Jaguar brand is already quite positive.  (Also I see where they are canceling the low end X-type; another good move.  Cannot dilute the brand.)

My company's Dilbert moment; today our HR team published a handout: "The 30 most common mistakes managers make".  Thirty!  Because there are so many common mistakes.  But the best part was this: it was too large to email.

John Gruber on Anil Dash's comments on Google's Microsoft Moment.  "It makes no sense to me why Chrome OS isn’t based on Android. Maybe there’s a good answer to this, but Google hasn’t given it."  Clearly this is one of those things where there are two teams not talking to each other, and maybe even competing...

Windows 95 under Parallels on jailbroken iPhoneSpeaking of operating systems, check this out: Windows 95 running on an iPhone.  No that isn't a typo.  These guys took a jailbroken iPhone, installed Parallels, and then booted Windows 95.  It is pretty much a dancing bear - it takes ten minutes just to boot - but how cool is that?

ZooBorn: baby OkapisZooBorn of the day: a little baby Okapis.  (A relative of the giraffe family...)

Have a great day!


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