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Monday,  04/13/09  11:10 PM

In Seattle...  cold, rainy, crisp, clear...  it was an effort to get here (almost missed my plane, left my jacket on board, couldn't retrieve my luggage, car rental didn't have a car, took a wrong turn on the highway while retrieving voicemail instead of paying attention, etc.) but well worth it.

Dinner tonight: Wild Ginger, downtown  Excellent.  Thanks, Gary!

David Clunie, a major contributor to the DICOM medical imaging standard, has a blog!  And says to push or to pull; that is the question...  focus is on Radiology imaging [as you would expect] but implications for Pathology images also...

VentureBlog: StumbleUpon brings serendipity back to the web.  I've always liked StumbleUpon, not least because they're a major traffic driver for my blog :)  And not a bad way to waste spend time and find new stuff, either...

... and I see where eBay lets StumbleUpon fly free.  So after paying $75M for the business two years ago, they're selling it back to the original founders and a consortium of investors.  Interesting.  I wonder if this will be part of a trend, where "bad" acquisitions get unwound; speculation has Skype in the same position.  Will YouTube be next?

Soviet nuclear control deviceAwesome old technology: Soviet nuclear control devices.  Don't they look exactly like they should?

Jeff Atwood considers the esoteric yet crucial issue of code formatting: death to the space infidels!  Truly no arguments are more entrenched than various groups of engineers arguing about the placement of spaces, tabs, braces, etc. within code.  The only thing everyone can agree upon is that some style is good, and consistency is a virtue.

Classic confusion of correlation with causality: Facebook users get worse grades in college.  Could as easily be: students who get worse grades in college use Facebook.


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