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lust or love IV

Tuesday,  02/03/09  11:31 PM

Felt Z1RIn my ongoing quest for truth, beauty, and the ultimate bike, I test drove a Felt Z1R and another Pinarello today (the marvelous FP5), again courtesy of my new and good friends at Nytro in Encinitas.

The Felt was a fast bike, clearly, but not a comfortable bike.  I could see where a stud 25-year old racer would love it, and blast at full speed for two hours in a criterium.  For me, a 50-year amateur riding ultra centuries for hours and hours, it was not the right machine.  Just too stiff.

The Pinarello was interesting because it was a first cousin to the FP3 I rode yesterday, but distinctly different; it felt lighter and bouncier, if that makes sense, but less smooth.  The thing that was so appealing about the FP3 was the extreme sense of comfort, of effortlessly gliding over road at speed.  I can so see doing ultra centuries on it :)

Which illustrates an interesting point that these rides have exposed for me: for the average amateur, the top-of-the-line racing bike made by each company is not the bike you want.  Sure, it is the top-of-the-line, but it is designed for a young pro who rides 100+ miles a day and who needs absolute performance.  (If that's you, go for it!)  For most of us the next step down in the line is the bike we want, not the absolute fastest, but the absolute best bike for long distance riding.

As an analogy, if you're a Maserati fan you're more likely to drive around a Quattroporte than an MC12 :)

Lust or Love?  Starting to be love, I think :)  Stay tuned...

perfect sunset[ Update: should have mentioned, and will now - today was perfect, and was capped by a perfect sunset; check out the picture at right, and click to enbiggen.  Riding up the coast on PCH watching the sun set while testing an amazing bike, what could be better? ]


Tuesday,  02/03/09  11:38 PM

I have to warn you, I feel like crap tonight.  Not physically, but mentally I am out to lunch.  Despite a great day with the Aperio sales team at our annual sales meeting and a nice ride testing new bikes, I'm weighed down by the sense of gloom and doom eminating from the outside world.  Sometimes I can live in a little cocoon away from the real world, but not today.  Sorry in advance - you have been warned :P

In my capacity as a filter for you, I'm realizing there is a big difference between articles about stuff which has happened, and articles speculating about stuff which might happen.  There is so much of the latter "out there" and they are so much less valuable, I need to avoid them.  Done.

From the incomparable Michael Yon: Afghanistan: A Dream that will not come true.  "Afghanistan is a gaunt, thorny bush, subsisting on little more than sips of humidity from the dry air. We imagined that we could make the bush into a tree, as if straw could be spun into gold or rocks transmuted to flowers. If we continue to imagine that we can turn the thorny bush into a tree, eventually we will realize the truth, but only after much toil, blood and gold are laid under the bush, as if such fertilizer would turn a bush into a tree."  There is a big difference between what "success" looks like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Don't know why I hadn't subscribed to Guy Kawasaki's blog before (How to Change the World), but I have now; followed a link to Ten ways to use LinkedIn to find a job.  A great piece, and a great example of why I'm now subscribed.

man on wireVertigo-inducing, Man on Wire.  This reminds me of viewing San Francisco from the Carnelian Room, looking down on the tip of the Transamerica building from the top floor of the BofA building.  I briefly imagined a wire running across the gap, and what it would be like to walk across it.  And suddenly the room swam before my eyes.  I had to revive myself with Pinot Noir :)

Randall Parker: Alzheimers Disease Due To Brain Diabetes Disease.  "A Northwestern University-led research team reports that insulin, by shielding memory-forming synapses from harm, may slow or prevent the damage and memory loss caused by toxic proteins in Alzheimer's disease.  The findings, which provide additional new evidence that Alzheimer's could be due to a novel third form of diabetes, will be published online the week of Feb. 2 by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)."  Cool.  I love it that we're understanding more and more about this horrible disease.

Trizilla tunes in San DiegoSailing porn: BMW Oracle's trimaran tests continue in San Diego.

There weather has been perfect here in San Diego, but On Saturn's Moon Titan, it's Raining Methane.  "Imagine a world where the average daytime temperature is -179°C, and torrential rains of liquid methane fall from the skies, forming vast but shallow pools that cover an area larger than the Great Lakes."  Got it.  Can't wait.

cellphone medical labThis is rather cool: Device turns cellphone into mobile medical lab.  "Professor Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA has taken a typical Sony Ericsson phone, and by adding a few off-the-shelf parts that cost less than $50, he can get it to produce a remarkable image that shows the thousands of cells in a small fluid sample such as human blood."

From CNet: The next frontier, 'Seasteading' the oceans.  So cool; I'm reading Richard Morgan's excellent Thirteen, which features huge "factory ships" on which people live and work.  As usual science fiction predicts real life.

Mac desktop with 200 appsThink you run a lot of stuff on your desktop concurrently?  Check this out.  The world's busiest Mac desktop, with 200 apps... (I doubt you could even run 200 apps under Windows :)

Headline of the day: Barbie turns 50, gets Facebook account.  What a great time to be alive.

I must confess after blogging a bit I feel better.  Thanks for the therapy :)


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