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Wednesday,  01/07/09  11:52 PM

Whew, tired.  L o n g  day, capped by a long ride, and a long drive home.  Yawn.  My cold is thriving, but I am not.  This could be a short and crummy post, sorry.

I have been doing more introspecting about what I do well.  I am best at the top level - business strategy - and the bottom level - technical architecture and implementation.  I am weak in the middle, managing people and projects, the blocking and tackling.  Fortunately I have colleagues who are much better than I am at these things.  So I must stay out of their way and let them do what they do, and not waste time screwing them up :)

Global Cooling: Sea ice returns to 1979 levels.  "Earlier this year, predictions were rife that the North Pole could melt entirely in 2008. Instead, the Arctic ice saw a substantial recovery."  Shocking, huh?

Michael Rasmussen!News of the day: Michael Rasmussen eyes a comeback.  Yay, let's hear it for the chicken!  Remember, he won the 2007 Tour de France, defeating Alberto Contador on the Queen stage to take a commanding lead.  And he has never had a positive drug test.  Another guy mistreated by "the system" in cycling...  it will be great to have him back!

Edgadget at CESSorry but I'm not gadget blogging CES.  Please visit Engadget, they are.  (Another version of focusing on what I do best :)  The really exciting news will be tomorrow, as Palm announces...  whatever they're announcing!

One cool thing: Win7 is now in a public beta!  A newer and probably cooler build than I've been playing with, too.  That means Microsoft has *finally* given in to the Vista disaster, and really wants to ship Win7 soon to give all those XP users somewhere to go.  And mercifully, they seem to have focused on performance and compatibility, rather than cranking out a bunch of demo-friendly features nobody wants or needs.  Thank you thank you thank you!

TinEye image search looks cool.  I'll have to play with it some more...

Icon A5Here we have the ultimate flying machine: sexy as a sports car, portable as a jet ski.  "The new light-sport category makes it much easier for amateur fliers to take to the air. Planes in this class must have just one engine, and maximum airspeed is 138 miles per hour. Sport pilots must stay below 10,000 feet (lower than most jetliners) and fly only during the day, in clear skies and away from busy airports. But that's still a lot of room to barnstorm. And wannabe pilots need only 20 hours of instruction to get certified."  You know I'm going to say it, and I am: I want one!

Ann Althouse remembers the dullest blog in the world.  "That was fascinatingly hilarious back then. Today, does the humor even register? It looks like Twitter! Now, millions of people write tiny posts to say whatever little thing it is they happen to be doing. And it's not to be funny. It's to communicate and feel connected."  That's it!  That's it exactly!  Twitter is... dull.

ZooBorn baby jaguarZooBorn of the day: baby Jaguar.  Awww...

Well I guess it wasn't that crummy, right?  Any post with Michael Rasmussen, a new ultralight jet, and a baby jaguar has a chance :)  Good night!


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