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Friday,  08/15/08  09:32 PM

Bloggin' while watchin' the Olympics tonight - good stuff.  I'm enjoying them quite a lot, aided by HD and Tivo.  That followed a nice evening ride, illuminated by a full moon; my new "usual" route up Decker Canyon and around Encinal Canyon.  (That dry run of the Furnace Creek 508 route last Monday has given me impetus for harder training rides :)

the "I am rich" iPhone applicationThe notorious "I am Rich" iPhone application, discussed in the Economist.  As an entre to a discussion about the tension [for Apple and iPhone developers] between openness and control.  { In case you don't know, this application, which costs $999, serves only to show the world "I am rich" (or perhaps I am stupid :) }

Beijing smogHere's a rather negative take on the Beijing Olympics, seen through the eyes of the Economist's correspondents.  I guess this could be considered the "view from backstage"; watching NBC of course one is in the intended audience, safely hidden from the gory details.  It is true that China's image as an authoritarian regime has been reinforced rather than changed by the games.  Still the spectacle is amazing, all the construction done on those cool new venues, and the impressive organization.

I can't figure out what Six Apart is doing with  Some kind of blog directory?

The Treo Pro cometh!  So be it. Nice-to-have features: WiFi, quad band (use it anywhere!), 100MB, and a microUSB connector.  I am still loving my Centro!

iMac gallery
Happy 10th Birthday to the iMac!
(I've owned one of each :)


full lunacy

Friday,  08/15/08  10:30 PM




full lunacy




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