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peaceful easy feeling

Thursday,  07/17/08  11:25 PM

So I’m still on the road - in Irvine, CA - and I’m feeling happy so I thought I’d share :)  So...

We had a good board meeting today – I had a strategic initiative for which I wanted mindshare, and after a productive discussion was able to make good progress.  After work I drove up here – was treated like a king by the Irvine Marriott people – and took a great ride up the coast to Bolsa Chica.   On the way back I had a tailwind and flew down along the beach; I love that feeling where you seem to be stationary while the Earth is spinning beneath your tires.   A quick shower and then on to Il Fornio for an admirable strip steak, rare, with a nice Oregon Pinot.   (Yes, I confess, I am a carnivore.)   I had a cute waitress who flirted shamelessly, and comped me a tiramisu for dessert.   Paired with an ’80 Grahams port it was wonderful.   (Yes, I confess to a tragic weakness for vintage port.)   Overall a fantastic meal experience.

So here I am, typing up notes from the day, feeling rather pleased with myself, and thought I’d share the feeling.  I hope YOUR day was as good!


Thursday,  07/17/08  11:41 PM

Powerline notes the AP is beginning to notice: "You know Barack Obama's campaign is getting into trouble when even the Associated Press notices that it has become something of a joke".  It is hard to believe now, given what I know and how I feel, that I ever contemplated supporting Obama.  I've gone from hoping he might win to fearing he might win. 

Of course, he is the first Presidential candidate you're not allowed to mock.  Fortunately he has become his own parody.  (Oops, did I just, er, mock him?  Nooo...)

John Derbyshire wonders How many members of the Obama family does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

His own words are mocking him too; check out this devastating Versionista comparison showing his changes in position!  (ArsTechnica has more on the evolution of Obama's website...  changes we can believe in?)

Michael Yon: Success in Iraq.  "I would go so far as to say that ... a fair-minded person could say with reasonable certainty that the war has ended."  If Michael thinks the war is over and we have won, that's pretty authoritative.  Also of interest, he points out the news from Afghanistan is much worse. 

This sucks: Ricardo Ricco tests positive for EPO, Sanier-Duval leaves Tour de France.  Man, cycling did not need this.  Ricco was a great young rider, and Sanier-Duval have been the revelation of the Tour, with climbers like Piepoli, Cobo, and De La Fuenta in addition to Ricco.  This sucks. 

Little noted in all the iPhone hoopla, Apple passes Acer to become third-largest PC vendor.  (Cue the dum dum sound from Jaws...) 

Are demographics destiny?  John Gruber thinks the iPhone will be Apple's main platform four years from now...

This is too funny: a Chinese restaurant named Translate Server Error.  This has to be a joke, right?  Right?  (Anyone out there know enough Chinese to translate the real name?) 

Steven Den Beste: After all these years, I still get fan mail about U.S.S.Clueless.  I must confess, after all these years I am still a fan.  He was great. 





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