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Tuesday,  05/27/08  10:55 PM

The King of Motrin checks in...  so I bruised a rib yesterday - ouch!, and it only hurts when I breathe.  I hardly slept a wink last night.  But I'm now bathing in Motrin, and feeling much better, so I have high hopes for tonight :)

Randall Parker asks If you could rejuvenate three parts of your body...  I know what I'd answer right now :)  Seriously, what is your list?  Mine would be brain, immune system, heart...

Saturn from CassiniSome space porn: awesome shots of Saturn taken by Cassini.  You know they just don't even look real, they are so cool.

amazing sea slugCliff Kuang is guestblogging for Jason Kottke, and links these amazing pictures of sea slugs.  Wow.  Beautiful and awe-inspiring; kind of like plants, where you wonder how evolution could have created them...

Bertalan Meskó announced that he will be teaching the first Medicine 2.0 course, at the University of Debrecen.  How cool is that?  And he'll be posting all his slideshows online (of course); stay tuned for links and commentary...

Danny Hillis on Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine.  "When we finally picked the name of the company, Thinking Machines Corporation, Richard was delighted. 'That's good. Now I don't have to explain to people that I work with a bunch of loonies. I can just tell them the name of the company.'"  Really cool.  [ via John Guber ]


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