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Tuesday,  04/29/08  12:16 AM

Had a really nice time tonight; attended a classical music concert with my Mom.  Four Dutch students who are guests of the Netherlands American Foundation performed, and man, they were awesome!  The concert was in the Santa Monica Presbyterian Church, which in addition to being a nice setting also has great acoustics.  Not quite Ted Nugent, but all in all quite excellent.

Kara Swisher calls it like it is: Twitter: Where Nobody Knows Your Name.  "I conducted a little experiment among the more than 100 folks gathered for the wedding, all of whom were quite intelligent, armed with all kinds of the latest devices (many, many people had iPhones, for example) and not sluggish about technology.  They were also made up of a wide range of ages and genders, from kids to seniors.  And so I asked a large group of people–about 30–and here is the grand total who knew what Twitter was: 0."  More proof, if any were needed, that Twitter is an echo chamber, and not even a very big one.

iTunesWow, happy birthday iTunes Music Store, it turns five today.  Five!  I can so remember when it launched.  Even at time zero it seemed like it was going to be successful, but this successful?  Who knew!  [ Daring Fireball: Seems to be doing OK :) ]  (I'll commemorate with the old logo, from back in 2003.  Yeah, it used to be green.)

Dave Winer wonders Is Rev Wright the new Billy Carter?  I don't think so...  first, Billy was a relative, and you don't pick your relatives, while Wright was chosen by Obama to be his pastor, second, Wright has a big radical following, Carter was simply a fool, and third and perhaps most importantly, Obama's appeal is based on being a uniter, and Wright is a divider, hitting right at the core of that appeal.  I think Wright could be fatal to Obama, I really do, especially since he has resisted fading away.

Halley Suitt thinks it was okay for Miley Cyrus to pose topless.  Not me.  She's 15.  Fifteen!  She doesn’t need to be a sex symbol yet, and shouldn’t be.  There’s nothing wrong with the picture, it’s beautiful, but there’s something wrong with fifteen year olds posing topless.  Worse yet, she’s a role model for a lot of younger kids.  My 10 year old loves Hannah Montana, like all 10 year olds.  She doesn’t need her heros to be sex symbols yet.  That can come later, when she’s sixteen and her heros are twenty :)


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