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Tuesday,  04/15/08  11:02 PM

Got an interesting email from Brian entitled "why Hillary will never close the deal".  His bottom line, with which I agree: people will never like her.  So we have Obama, who we like but don't think will be a good President, and Clinton, who we think might be a good President but we don't like.  Tough choice.

BTW I am increasingly not liking Obama either; the victimology he espouses is a badness.  To me the worst aspect of his "bitter" remarks wasn't the condescending tone, it was the implication that if people are unhappy it is someone else's fault.

Powerline comments on Jimmy Carter's visit to Hamas: Different Opinions.  "It's always an open question whether Carter is a knave or a fool, but in this instance, with everyone from the Secretary of State to Israel's Prime Minister pointing out the folly of his mission, the balance tilts toward 'knave.'"  A dangerous one at that.

Randall Parker wonders Is anyone happy about high oil prices?  Oddly enough, the answer is no...  And yet, it will reduce consumption, greenhouse emissions, and congestion...  I don't like paying more for something I need, but I do like the side effects.  Anyway it is what it is; we have a classic supply and demand situation here, and the price is just going to keep increasing...

Fring! - VoIP on iPhonesSo now we have VoIP on iPhones (and even iPod Touches).  That is pretty interesting, although it requires [not globally available] WiFi to be independent from the cellular network.  I have a feeling that this is a dancing bear.

night over Flagstaff...Check this out: the astronomy picture of the day, a "protected" night sky over Flagstaff.  Wow.  They say this is one of the best parts of long sailing voyages, you get to see a truly dark sky at night.

I love this: Josh Newman tells A true story.  "When you are lost, any map will do."  Not to mention, when you find yourself in Hell, keep going...



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