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Thursday,  03/27/08  10:32 PM

Hi blogreaders, how are y'all?  I've been busier than a cat in a litter box, coding.  Good stuff, cleaning up lots of little odds and ends.  (And ranting internally about style and documentation.)  Meanwhile Spring has sprung, the weather here in SoCal is fantastic.  Oh, and I'm ramping up preparing for the Solvang Double this Saturday; doing some tough climbs and [slightly] longer distances.

And in the parallel universe of the blogosphere it's all happening...

Krauthammer: McCain Has ‘Hidden Agenda’ To ‘Kill The United Nations’.  What's funny is that this is reported as if it would hurt McCain - I don't know if we really wants to kill the U.N. - I suspect he will ignore it, however - but this can only get him more support, right?  (P.S. Bring back John Bolton!)

Geert Wilders' film, Fitna is now online.  So be it.  Whether you agree or disagree with the content, you have to agree that airing it publicly is a good thing.  It is disgusting to see the Dutch government scrambling to criticize the publishing of the film, in a transparent attempt to appease those who disagree with it.

Darway - 37-year old gas fire...This is amazing: a 37-year old gas fire: Darwaz, aka the door in hell.  "Darwaz - mysterious and strange place in Turkmenistan. Imagine range of desert sands and suddenly among the crater from which flames erupts."  Our world is stranger than you think, even if you know that about it...

I don't know if you've been following the incredible mess which the America's Cup has become - really I couldn't blame you if you haven't, I mean who cares - but Mascalzone Latino syndicate head Vincenzo Onorato has a nice piece on How to save the America's Cup.  It needs something; as it is right now all the racing is taking place in court.  What a terrible tragedy to squander the momentum of last summer's races which were the best ever...

Every once in a while you read a headline that isn't intended to be funny, but...  and so it is with Paris Hilton Says She's a Role Model for Young Girls.  LOL :)

Maserati Quattroporte interiorOver at TTAC Jonny Lieberman asks Which Car Do You Want To Be Buried In?  "My point?  Interiors matter.  In fact, some are so good that I want to spend eternity in them.  But which one? ...  Bury me in the Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT.  You?"  Yeah well you know what I think - but I'm hoping to put it off for a while :)

Tim Bray on Better feed reading.  "The key insight is that I just had to make up my mind and sort the feeds into two buckets, one for the can't-afford-to-miss stuff, the other for everything else."  I do exactly the same; I have an "everyday" group I read, well, every day, and a "whenever" group I read when I can, and delete when I can't.  My OPML is published, by the way, in case you care :)

I love this post from Maciej Stachowiak: Scences from the Acid test.  Whether you care about browser development or not, or web standards or not, you will find this interesting for the tone of pleasure and respect.  This is how the process should work.

BTW I have downloaded Safari 3.1 and played with it a little, but haven't seen anything there so far to convince me to switch from Firefox.  It is nice to be able to test Mac compatibility under Windows :)

Bertalan Meskó has added a spiffy search engine to his ScienceRoll site: check out  This is a really fantastic tool. You can search ClinicalTrials, DrugInfo, eMedicine, Medscape, PubMed Central, WebMD, etc. - all at once, or selectively.

Naturally to test it out I did a search for "Aperio", and found a lot of papers where people have used Aperio equipment for digital pathology!  That is so cool.


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