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Sunday,  03/23/08  11:11 PM

Yay, Easter!  Around here not so much a chance to celebrate the resurrection or anything religious, as a chance to celebrate Spring, family, and eat candy...  which I did all three in excess.  Especially the candy part.  Anyway I hope you had a wonderful weekend too, it was pretty quiet "out there", huh?

UCLA Bruins!So, how's your NCAA bracket looking?  Mine, not so good.  Although UCLA is still alive - barely - and so is Stanford, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  USC really hurt me, though; I picked them to overperform and they blew out in the first round.  My own picks aside I think it has been a pretty fun tournament so far.  Next week it really gets interesting, as the pressure turns up a notch.

Rand Simberg: War Critics Decry Interminable And Unwinnable Conflict (from 1945).  Not everyone will pick this up as satire...

Actually there is so little chance this kind of shoddy biased reporting would have taken place in 1945; back then news was, well, news.  For an example of how much has changed even since 1967, check out Time Magazine's reporting of the Six-Day War.  Honestly it gives me chills reading about it, and it really makes me wish we still had this kind of reporting.  Now Time has gone the way of TV News; it is mere entertainment.  Sad.

KindleJohn Patrick has been Kindlized.  "The most amazing thing about the Kindle is how easy it is to use. Amazon set out three years ago to create an entirely new portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. The Kindle uses 'electronic paper' that makes the screen as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper without the strain and glare of a computer screen. You have to see it to believe it."  Quietly but steadily the Kindle is winning people over.  I've never seen one, but maybe I'll have to check it out...

Yesterday I noted how PZ Myers was expelled from Expelled; today we have this excellent comic treatment.  This is so excellent, I even love the title ("no intelligence allowed") and the tagline ("laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you're just a wuss").

Update: Richard Dawkins tells his side of this story: Lying for Jesus.


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