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paper art

Friday,  01/25/08  05:57 PM

Entries for an art contest at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in Washington, DC.
The rule was that the artist could use only one sheet of paper.

Update (2/15/08): I am told that the "art contest" is a myth; and this art is actually all the work of Danish artist Peter Callensen.  That it is the work of one artist makes it even more remarkable!  Enjoy...


Friday,  01/25/08  09:10 PM

So the rain has stopped, briefly; I am given to understand more is on the way.  So be it.  In the meantime, we can blog!

Yesterday I had someone email with an offer to place ads on this blog.  I think it was a human, too!  Weird.  First, there isn't enough traffic to matter, and second, what advertiser would want to be associated with me?  And then there's the fact that I hate online ads; fortunately with Firefox and Adblock I hardly ever see them.  Even if they are on a blog...

Yuck!  Powerline notes A reason to vote for Hillary: "Barack Obama is putting out the word that if he is elected, he will appoint John Edwards as Attorney General."  I don't think that's a reason to vote for Hillary but it is a reason to vote against Obama. 

So Pixar's upcoming Toy Story 3 will be produced in 3D.  That is, played in 3D; all the Pixar movies are rendered from 3D models.  And the original Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will be converted to 3D as well.  This could be the first time 3D is "real" as opposed to a toy :)  Actually I loved the Toy Story movies so this will be fun to watch...  [ via Jason Kottke

Why I hate frameworks.  "Each hammer factory factory is built for you by the top experts in the hammer factory factory business, so you don't need to worry about all the details that go into building a factory. Yet you still get all the benefits of having your own customized hammer factory, churning out your own customized hammers, according to your own specific hammer designs."  This is so totally what goes on with Microsoft.  They believe the proper study of programmers is their tools, not their applications.  Or maybe their tools for building tools :) 

This is funny: Pickup Logos: Mine's Bigger than Yours.  "Welcome to the Battle of the Badges, an arms race among pickups to adopt a logo capable of obscuring everything between the lights and the bumper."  This seems very logical, an extension of the trend toward big trucks in the first place.  Classless, IMHO. 

Clive Thompson links How to imagine in ten dimensions.  Good to know!  Actually this comes up in connection with String Theory, which holds that the universe exists in ten dimensions.  Do I believe this?  No.  Not on physical grounds, but on metaphysical; the number ten is not round enough to be right :) 



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