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Tuesday,  11/09/04  10:35 PM

Okay, no more maps, I promise.  Just good old blog filtering...

This is fascinating - Donna Frye, environmentalist, gadfly, and surf shop owner, is likely to be the new major of San Diego, and she was elected as a write-in candidate!  How cool is that!!  Democracy in action.  She's a "blue" in a red city, but her populist message has apparently stuck a chord.  [ via Ann Althouse ]

Philip Greenspun thinks Kerry voters will be happier than if Kerry had won.  "For most people it would appear that anger is preferable to despair."  Interesting.  I have to admit, George Bush sure has been a convenient target for everyone.

Bambi Francisco opines Stem-cell research payoff to take years.  At least ten, maybe more - which means VCs will not be in on the action.  However there could be ancillary businesses which benefit in a shorter timeframe.  Such as Aperio :)

reef-fish skinsScience News: Hide and see.  "Conflicting views of reef-fish colors."  Wow.

SkinIt! adhesive skinsAdhesive skins for everything!  SkinIt will clothe your phones, PDAs, remotes, you name it...  [ via Matt Haughey ]

Drazen Pantic: Anyone can be TV.  "To be a real-time video journalist, all you need is a blog, a camcorder, and a laptop with WiFi."  Excellent.  [ via Doc Searles ]

Henk suitcaseHere we have the Henk suitcase.  Custom built, and only $20,000.  Forbes reports since its unveiling in September, a total of zero have been sold.  [ via Ottmar Liebert, who notes "they built it and no one came!" ]

firefox logoHey, today Firefox 1.0 was released!  Cool.  Here's a link to the bittorrent download for it.  If you're still using Internet Explorer as your default browser, you should really check this out.  Friends don't let friends surf with IE...

And, Konfabulator for Windows shipped today, too.  This is a cool runtime platform which enables you to build and run small programs called "widgets".  There's a ton of widgets available for download.


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