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Monday,  01/12/04  12:28 AM

Can't Talk Now


Monday,  01/12/04  10:04 PM

Man, a long tiring day.  Good, though; productive.  And here's the story:

Little Spirit Morphs, Ready to Roll.  "The U.S. robotic rover on Mars completed its transformation from folded landing craft to mobile explorer earlier than expected and may roll off its landing pad as early as Tuesday."  Cool.

Mars QTVR panoramaOh, and here's an amazing QTVR panorama - from Mars.  Unbelievable, it literally brings tears to my eyes.  [ via Xeni Jardin ]

Steven Frank:  Confidential to T-Mobile: NASA is downloading 36 MB TIFFs from Mars and I only get 2 bars of signal on my cell phone inside my house.  Please look into upgrading.

Glenn Reynolds notes people are turning increasingly to alternatives such as the Internet for news about the presidential campaign, shifting away from traditional outlets such as the nightly network news and newspapers.  "Even if the revolution is televised, I guess a lot of people won't be watching...

Japan is sending troops to Iraq.  Wow.

Sabine HeroldThe Atlasphere has an interesting interview with French freedom activist Sabine Herold.  "In general we're going to continue taking action to make the people more conscious of what libertarianism can be, in terms of concrete issues — because we want reforms.  We don't want to wait for and we don't expect a future libertarian revolution.  We're anti-revolution."

Harretz has the story behind a WiFi burglary.  Pretty high-tech.  [ via Doc Searles, in a post titled "the new burglar mask" ]

GM recalls more than 820,000 cars.  Wow.  I hate when that happens.

This is really funny; Comedy Central pokes fun at Dean's Anger.

This is pretty cool; Mandrake has a version of their Linux distribution called "MandrakeMove", which lets you burn a bootable CD which runs Linux with no installation necessary.  Now that's cool!  I'm off to try it...

So, do you think iPods will ever support Windows Media Audio format music?  ConnectedHome reports Hell Freezes Over as HP Announces iPod Pact with Apple.  "HP's blockbuster deal with Apple will have one exciting side effect.  The company will be working with Apple to add support for Microsoft's superior Windows Media Audio (WMA) format to the iPod by mid-year.  You heard it here first."  Indeed I did!

And apparently Microsoft GM David Fester  is not thrilled...

Eric Sink thinks "dogfooding" is important; the practice of software companies using their own software internally.  This is why IBM is moving "everyone" off Windows in the next three years...

Shooting Yourself in the Foot, in 100 different [computer] languages :)  [ via Adam Curry ]

New blog of the day: The S-Train Canvass.  Check it out!

And in .nu news, Niue, a tiny island nation off the coast of New Zealand, which administers the .nu domain, has been crippled by a cyclone and is considering disbanding.  I guess if that happens, the disposition of the domain will not be the biggest problem, but I wonder what will happen to it?


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