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Total Recall?

Monday,  10/06/03  11:19 PM

So tomorrow is the big day - will Davis be recalled, and will Arnold replace him

total recallMy sense from friends and the blogosphere is that the LAT's last-minute negative articles have had a polarizing effect.  The campaign is now seen very much as Davis vs. Schwarzenegger (even though there are others, Bustamante in particular, who are running to replace Davis).  People who were leaning toward keeping Davis anyway are now strengthened in their position by the allegations against Arnold, and people who were leaning toward recalling Davis are mad at the apparent smear campaign.  The LAT articles have cost them credibility, but probably have not affected the overall outcome significantly.

Of course regardless of the results of the voting, there will be legal challenges to follow.  It will be interesting.... 


Monday,  10/06/03  11:31 PM

The Nobel Prize for medicine this year has been awarded to Paul C. Lauterbur of the United States and Sir Peter Mansfield of Britain for their pioneering work in developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging, aka MRI.  "The now-routine technique became available to doctors in the 1980s, and excels at creating images of soft tissue, allowing many patients to avoid exploratory surgery."  Now that is nobel work!

Nature reports Lasers Operate Inside Single Cells.  "With pulses of intense laser light a millionth of a billionth of a second long, US researchers are vaporizing tiny structures inside living cells without killing them."  Now that's cool.

Steven Den Beste has a strange dream.  "And suddenly I knew what had happened.  When we had reduced the amount of crime, we'd put lots of criminal lawyers out of work.  So they'd mostly switched into civil law, and there'd been an explosion of nuisance liability lawsuits."  Argh, nightmare!

Mari Cha IVThe Mari-Cha IV is attempting to break the sailing record for crossing the Atlantic.  Yesterday they logged over 500 miles in one day - the first time a monohull has ever done that.  They are averaging about 20 knots!  Wow.  It looks like a 140' Aussie 18...

AdAge wonders Will Tivo Survive the Revolution it Wrought?  "The question isn't, 'Can DVRs reach critical mass?'  They will, and that will transform the business models of the advertising and media industries.  The question is whether TiVo will be a leading DVR player when that happens."  They need to find a business model outside subscriptions and advertising...  [ via PVRblog ]

Then there is the attack from below -- Gateway's connected DVD player could be a sleeper PVR replacement...  Will PCs become the repository for video in a household?  They are already becoming the repository for audio.

PVRblog's Matt Haughey interviews MovieBeam execs.  Interesting.  Note the mushy answer to the quality issue "Q: What is the video quality and format like?  A: All movies on MovieBeam are digital quality."  Which means nothing, of course.  MovieBeam is the "top" of VOD, with first run movies, I wonder if anyone is working the "bottom"?

Hey, a blogger acting as a reporter!

PressThink notes Len Apcar, the NYT's editor-in-chief, attended BloggerCon (Dave Winer's blogging conference at Harvard Law School).  "I came here to get an idea of how we can do this."  Strange that you have to go to a physical conference to learn about an online phenomenon, but whatever works...  I don't see the NYT blogging, myself; the form lends itself more to commentary and analysis than reporting.

LG Electronics 76" plasma HDTVOkay, I said I would stop reporting electronic gadget news, but I'm salivating over this new 76" plasma HDTV developed by LG Electronics.  I want one :)

Mary Jo Foley lists Seven Things to Keep in Mind about Longhorn (the next version of Microsoft Windows).  Nice survey. 

She jokingly reports there are only three things to keep in mind, 1) it's late, 2) it's later than you think, 3) It's even later than that. To which I would add: 4) It's going to be later than that.


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