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Tuesday,  08/05/03  11:49 PM

The McKinsey Quarterly has a terrific article on pricing new products.  (I think you have to register to read it, but it is well worth it.)  The biggest takeaway among many great thoughts is that it is vital not to begin too low; it is much easier to lower prices than to raise them.

A honeybee kills a renegade worker's egg.
honeybee police

John Whitfield reports on some fascinating genetic experiments with ants: The Police State.  "Murder, torture and imprisonment - these are the standard tools of repressive regimes...  Social insects perfected the police state long before people got in on the act."  By selectively breeding "anarchic" bees, the usual genetic calculus of the hive (wherein all workers work for the benefit of a single breeding queen) has been upset.  This is great stuff.  [ via Interconnected ]

Jonathan Zittrain: The Copyright Cage.  "Bars can't have TVs bigger than 55 inches.  Teddy bears can't include tape decks.  Girl Scouts who sing Puff, the Magic Dragon owe royalties.  Copyright laws needs to change."  Boy, when I read articles like this it really raises my blood pressure.  These kinds of laws are exactly the opposite of why the U.S. has been so successful.  [ via Dave Winer ]

Sony has introduced plasma TVs which include broadband wireless networking!  Wow, if that isn't the wave of the future!

Rageboy takes his daughter to a rock concert.  You have to read this, yeah, it is long, but yeah, it is great.  He definitely writes at night when he should be sleeping, and it shows.

Benlog asks is there a geek on the plane?  " one has stories such as: 'Hey, I was taking my Toyota out of the garage last night when it just blew up on me!'"  Excellent stuff.  BTW Ben is an MIT student with a Harvard blog :) 

Are there bloggers at CalTech?  I need to find out!  P.S. of course there are.

I am always surprised to see which of my blog posts generate interest, and which ones don't.  One of my very favorite posts of all time was books and wine, which hardly anyone read and nobody linked.  Meanwhile all kinds of people read and link moving Mt. Fuji.  You just never know...


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