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Aperio + Zoomify

Thursday,  06/26/03  08:31 AM

Aperio has a partnership with a company called Zoomify, which makes web-based image viewing tools.  We recently collaborated on a Flash viewer for virtual slides.  Zoomify provides the front-end client, and Aperio provides the back-end server (as well as having digitized the slides with our ScanScope scanner).  The results are amazing.

Below are some actual virtual slides; click on any of the thumbnails to launch the viewer.  Now you, too, can be a web-based Pathologist!

69722 x 61038 @ 40X

Breast Cancer
73091 x 62821 @ 40X

61922 x 63771 @ 40X

Nerve Sheat Myxoma
58984 x 35659 @ 20X

Trichrome Stain
18118 x 27754 @ 20X

38757 x 32978 @ 40X

Note that several of these images are larger than 10GB!  Okay, I know I'm bragging a little, please forgive me.  I just thought it was cool :)


Thursday,  06/26/03  10:26 PM

Sabine Herold is pretty cool.  She is a political science student, beautiful, and speaks perfect English.  She has also just become the most famous 21-year-old in France.  She's even been called Joan of Arc.  "That is stupid," she says.  "I love Britain.  I love Margaret Thatcher.  I love the way you have overcome the unions and are not afraid to privatize.  I love the way you work so hard.  In France, we have become lazy and staid.  We think only of weekends, holidays and how great we once were."  Maybe there is hope for France, yet.Reese Witherspoon

Salon has an interesting review of Legally Blond 2.  "We can find the next generation of leaders by just looking in the mirror. "  I knew it was funny, but I didn't realize it had a message.  Almost like Reese Witherspoon plays, well, Sabine Herold...

Chris Pirillo goes on an "anti-tablet attack", and Robert Scoble responds...  Chris is saying tablets are not as good as laptops, and not as good as PDAs.  Roberts points out they aren't supposed to replace laptops or PDAs, they serve new markets which weren't served by anything before.  They're both right, which explains why I don't want one (I have a laptop and a PDA :) and why a lot of other people do...

Google has a new program called AdSense, which allows anyone to serve Google ads on their pages.  Essentially Google analyzes your page and determines which "text" ads would be most appropriate for your viewers.  You simply pop some JavaScript into your pages, and poof you're done.  Google pays you for each click-through!

Aaron Swartz has a little tool which shows you which ads Google would display on any page.  Pretty cool.  I messed around with it, but don't worry; I have no plans to host ads :)

In other Google news, they are beta-testing a new version of their toolbar.  It features a pop-up blocker (!) and an auto-fill facility (!!) as well as a "blog this" button for Blogger (!!!)  The Blogger button is proprietary, by the way, it does not use the Blogger API.  (Boo.)  Very cool.

This Echo / RSS thing is heating up.  Tim Jarrett weighs in on the side of common sense.  Dave Winer says he doesn't control RSS, gives a tentative endorsement of Echo, and tries to explain.  For more see Sam Ruby and Mark Pilgirm.  That's enough of that; I'm going to leave it alone until it is real.  Web plumbing is a lot less interesting than web content, anyway.


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