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Feeling Proud

Wednesday,  04/09/03  03:40 PM

American FlagI was just reading the news reports from Baghdad.  Today I am really proud to be an American.  Really, really, proud.  We do things nobody else can do, and we do them in ways nobody else will do them, because they're the right things to do.  And in so doing, we set an example for everyone.

I know the war's not over yet.  There is much work to do, in some ways the hard part has just begun.  Winning the peace may be harder than winning the war.  But it seems like the Tipping Point has been reached.  The Iraqi people themselves will take over and finish the job. 

I want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women "over there".  You've done us all very proud.


Wednesday,  04/09/03  10:33 PM

The smoking gun?  Marines hold nuclear site.  Not surprising, but in a weird way, gratifying.  Imagine what might have happened if M.Chirac had his way.  Note that this site had been inspected several times!

Salon has this fascinating story about CRACK, an organization that pays drug-addicted women to get sterilized.  Quote from the mother of a drug-addicted woman:  "People shouldn't bring children in this world if they can't take care of them."  Yep.

Philip Greenspun, ex of Ars Digita, starts his new weblog with this post: The Life of a Public School Teacher.  Sobering.  { This article tells Philip's story. }

Geek alert: The programming language Whitespace, in which the only significant lexical tokens are <space>, <tab>, and <linefeed>.  "The language was designed by two people who shouldn't have had so much to drink, Edwin Brady and Chris Morris."

The 2003 Webby Awards Nominees have been posted.  Curiously Critical Section was not nominated!  Oh well, maybe next year...  Especially fascinating is that there is no weblog catagory.  How 1999.

The 29th Canival of the Vanities is up.  In case you don't know, the Carnival is a moveable feast; each week a new blogger hosts the carnival, which consists of links to representative posts from other bloggers' sites.  Following the Carnival is a great way to meet new blogs.  For example, I really like Smell the Blog.

The new Mazda RX8.  Wow.  (My mom is going to want one - really.)  { Have you noticed that car sites have the coolest flash? }

Wireless providers have until November 24 to implement portable numbers.  That means you could switch cell providers and keep your number.  Yippee.

New Reality Show to Feature Tycoon Trump.  I am not making this up.  Sigh.

Tonight I put my site on a diet.  There are 15 images in the frameset which have been shrunk from 52K to only 29K, thanks to Photoshop's "save for the web" function.  Those of you on dial-up, you've probably noticed this already :)


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