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Monday,  04/07/03  02:15 AM

Daylight saving time - spring forward.  As Shirley says, losing an hour is "not helpful".

Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is daily exploring new territory in blatant lying.  While U.S. forces occupied the presidential palace in the center of Baghdad, al-Sahhaf denied his city had been stormed.  "Clouds of dust blew past and sirens could be heard as he spoke."  Why is he doing this?  His audience is the millions of people who are getting war news through corrupt and biased channels, like al-Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera is presently featuring a photograph of a U.S. tank which experienced mechanical trouble and was purposely destroyed by coalition forces.  According to Mr. al-Sahhaf, eight other U.S. tanks were also "captured" and the division they were a part of was "decimated".

Peking Duck posted an interesting note about how the war news is being carried in China.  Amazing.  From my own experience, there is a huge gap in understanding and perspective between sophisticated Chinese businesspeople and the average peasant.  My guess is that reactions to the CCTV "spin" range from unblinking acceptance to total rejection.

Christopher Albritton tells the fascinating story about his reentry into Iraq.  You'll remember he's the former AP reporter who raised money from his blog readers to send him into Northern Iraq; you can follow his reports at Back in Iraq 2.0.

The Nando Times is shutting its online doors; it was one of the very first online news and information sites.  With virtually every print publication now updating their websites 24x7, there is no longer demand for a distinct online-only news source.  I can definitely remember when Nando had everything first.  { In addition to the increased competition, I think a contributing factor in their demise might have been a too-strict registration system. }

Steven Pinker is moving from MIT to Harvard!  Here's his MIT website, visit it while you can.  (Steven is the author of The Blank Slate, and one of very few real authors who have deigned to give me advice on my book.)

Adobe updates Acrobat for the XML Era.  This seems important; I don't know anything about it yet, but I'll learn more - stay tuned!

Nerds with too much time dept: the floppy drive RAID.  Why?  Why not?  { After you get tired of waiting for your floppy RAID to seek, turn it into the starship enterprise. }


Monday,  04/07/03  09:44 PM

Our big apes are in big trouble.  "In just 20 years, poaching and the Ebola virus have cut in half the ape population of western equatorial Africa".  Not good.

C|Net reports Microsoft is rebranding Office 2003 as "Office System", and including SharePoint.  I would be more excited if I understood SharePoint.  Why does Microsoft create these products which defy simple description?  Must just be me...

Forbes: the 25 fastest growing technology companies.  Aperio is not one of them.  Yet :)

The RIAA continues their madness - now they're suing four college students who shared music online for $150,000 per song.  Yep, that's going to boost music sales, all right.

An urban fable: AccordionGuy and The Girl Who Cried Webmaster.  { Moral: if you're going to pretend you're a webmistriss, learn HTTP. }

Just got the new issue of Wired magazine.  It came with a supplement called UnWired which was the same size as the magazine - all about WiFi, handhelds, applicances, etc.  Very cool.  (Not online yet, so I can't post a link.)


Blog Roulette

Monday,  04/07/03  09:56 PM

Introducing a new Critical Section feature - Blog Roulette.  There are all these great blogs out there, and I want to share them with you!  (I've discovered many of them by clicking back up from my referer log.)  Each time you visit two blogs will be selected at random from my "extended blogroll" and displayed at the upper right.  If you want, click "spin" to get two more.  Two blogs a day keep the boredom away...

There's also a link to my extended blogroll at the bottom of the navigation bar - if you want to see the whole universe at once.  As you're checking these sites out, if you have comments, suggestions for other sites, or find broken links please tell me!


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