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Tuesday,  04/01/03  10:21 PM

Happy April Fools Day!  My favorite joke was from L.T.Smash, who claimed to have an interview with Peter Arnett.  Nope, I didn't bite.  You might enjoy this list of the top 100 hoaxes of all time.

Saddam was to give a speech on Iraqi TV today.  April Fools...

Eugene Volokh makes a terrific point, What if we had gotten the U.N. on our side?  Well, maybe Saddam would have backed down.  Maybe.  But if not, it would have been just as hard to fight the war, of course, and we would have had a bunch of our "partners" pushing us and criticizing us.  At least this way we know who's on our side, and who isn't.

I haven't written about it yet, but this SARS thing is getting scary.  A deadly cold.  I wonder how bad it will get?

Larry Ellison praises Linux on the desktop: Star Office is is "almost usable", and Mozilla is "not bad".  Now that's enthusiasm!

This C|Net report says sharing home entertainment will be a big driver for growth in home networking this year.  I believe that - far more people watch DVDs and TV than use computers...Turkey

Finally, this story about a brained bird hatched a flock of fowl puns.


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