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Tuesday,  02/25/03  08:36 PM

Bush to U.N.: the decision has been made to go to war.  Now, are you irrelevant?  By the way, in case you think we're rushing to war, see this list...

I'm adding L.T.Smash to my blogroll.  He's a reserve officer stationed in Kuwait.  I like him.

AOL's Music Net service is set to debut.  But they don't get it - burning CDs will cost you $18/month.  Yeah, like that's going to stop Kazaa...  These days you can buy a movie on DVD for less than you can get its soundtrack on CD.

Sadly, master chef Bernard Loiseau has killed himself, apparently because a leading restaurant guide marked down his world-renowned La Côte d'Or.  After reading Burgundy Stars I've always wanted to go there...

After 30 years, Pioneer 10's signal has faded out...  my father wrote computer simulations to test its circuits.

Thinking of trying three degrees?  Read this review first...

"There are two types of data: those that have already been archived by backup and those that have not yet been lost."  Tom's Hardware reviews tape backup solutions.  Of course if you don't back up, you can always see a data loss psychologist.  I am not making this up.


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