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Tuesday,  02/18/03  09:54 PM

C|Net has an article on Thomas Bayes.  At Aperio we use Bayesian statistics in our pattern recognition tools.

Internet footnote: Alta Vista, the football of Internet search engines, gets passed from Digital Equipment (remember them?) to Compaq, to CMGI, and now to Overture (aka  This dates me, but I can actually remember when AV was by far the best Internet search engine.  This puts Overture clearly in the "distant second to Google" position, with Inktomi (recently bought by Yahoo) in third.

Paul Graham has a great piece entitled Why Nerds Are Unpopular.  It's pretty deep and goes into intelligence, the role of teenagers in society, and many other interesting things.  Recommended...

Making Internet Banking Pay - Forbes has an interesting review of NetBank.  They are essentially trying to do with home loans what First Data did with credit cards.

The Software Developer as Movie Icon - [now there's a great title] reviews the image vs. reality of software engineering...  I think Office Space pretty much nailed it.

More to bookmark than to read: Tom's Hardware has an exhaustive review of 65 processors released between 1994 and today, ranging from a P100 to today's P4 3GHz...

WMD 404.  ;)


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