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Friday,  02/14/03  01:33 AM

Happy Valentine's DayHappy Valentine's Day to you, Shirley, and to my four wonderful daughters!

Are you ready for some sailing?  The America's Cup starts today!  I'm picking Alinghi (Swiss, the challenger) over Team New Zealand (the defender) in a squeaker...


Friday,  02/14/03  11:59 AM

This will be reported as a "good thing"; scientists at Caltech have isolated a genetic mutation common to people who live 100 years or longer.  So ask yourself, with 8B people on Earth, is finding ways to make them live longer really a good thing?

The bork browser.  I love it!


Friday,  02/14/03  09:42 PM

America's Cup Race 1: Start
America's Cup Race 1: Start
Alinghi takes race one in the America's Cup, as TNZ suffered a series of breakdowns and was forced to retire.  It was an even start and a great race was on to weather when TNZ's boom broke.  I hate when that happens...  If you are at all interested in either sailing or 3D software, you must download and install Virtual Spectator.  It costs $10.  This is such an awesome application I can't describe it properly.  Basically it gives you a full-screen 3D view of the racing, with a camera you can position at any angle and distance.  The races are available live via some sort of data stream, and can be replayed at your leisure.  The start of race 1 is shown at right (click on picture for a larger view).


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