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Monday,  01/13/03  10:42 PM

Great football yesterday, eh?  Ole's Super Bowl picks: Raiders over Bucs.  It won't be close.

Big news about Steve Case resigning as AOL Chairman.  Many people feel he was responsible for a lot of lost shareholder value since the Time-Warner merger.  Maybe so, but he was responsible for a lot of gained shareholder value prior to the merger, too!  I think the Time-Warner execs were at fault; looking back, who got the better deal ?  =)

Why expensing options doesn't solve the problem...  And not only that, it would cause new problems.

You've got to love Slashdot.  Check out this guy in Egypt who has a 1KM wireless LAN.

Astronomers have seen the end of the universe.  And of course it lies in the distant past.  Not to be confused with the middle of nowhere.

I've heard of debugging, but what do you call thisssss?  (Thanks, Karlin)

Looking for new reading?  Check out All Consuming, sort of like DayPop for books.

To wrap up today's postings, here's some food for thought; Steve Sailor asks:

Why are "widows with children" now "single mothers"? ... Let's be frank: women who have children without a husband are harming society. Why should they be treated as sympathetically as a mother whose husband has died?

In case you think this is merely language, consider that over 25% of all U.S. births are illegitimate.


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