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Friday,  01/10/03  04:38 PM

Had lunch with Reid Hoffman today, he gave me a thought worth sharing: "gardening in relationships".  The idea being that good partners "garden" each other...  (He's a PayPal alum who has a new startup presently in stealth mode...)

There's a lot happening in web-ville:

My heros at Gene Expression are discussing my book!  (And they haven't even read it, yet)

Another PayPal alum - Peter Thiel, the CEO - talks about his future plans...

Want proof that truth is stranger than fiction?  Check out this family up for auction on eBay...

Here's something every nonfiction writer needs, Carl Sagan's baloney detection kit...

I love these cautionary tales about business excess, don't you?  (Thanks Clay via Joel)  I might have to add Clay to my blogroll, he's got some awfully good stuff.

"It's like a Best Buy, Circuit City and Fry's Smackdown organized by Siegfried and Roy. "  Sounds fun...

The problem with Metadata...  very funny!  (Thanks Dave)

As usual, Stephen nails the North Korean situation...

And finally, now that it is Friday night, are you ready for some football?


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