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Wednesday,  01/08/03  12:43 PM

From Wired News:

Bushtonian Ethics
If you're going to make a mockery of the public trust, you might as well do it as unethically as possible. House Republican leaders did it in secret this week, weakening rules and making it easier for lawmakers to accept free food and vacations from lobbyists. Thus watered down, they were then concealed in a larger package of rules revisions that passed Tuesday on a party-line vote. A spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) described the changes as "cosmetic" but Democrats said they seriously erode tough ethical standards introduced, ironically enough, by Republicans when they took control of the House in 1995.

A political trojan!


Wednesday,  01/08/03  12:50 PM

Thanks, Adam!

Understanding Computer Technology

Dave clarifies the two-way web.  I still don't get it, but its getting closer [later: no, I still don't get it :]...

Is there a there, there?

I don't understand 802.11a, do you?  Since 802.11b is already much faster than everyone's Internet connection, what's the point?  (Apple doesn't get it, either.)

Einstein is right again!  (love that picture, is it real, or is it Photoshop?)

Well, this is cool!  (Thanks, Marc.)  My Tivo will play music on my surround sound stereo from my Mac...

You know why we have to go to war? Saddam's too unreasonable for deterrence.  (Thanks, LGF.)  So, what about Kim?

Halley continues her series on Alpha Males...  Lesson 4: watch Stag Films (e.g. Bambi).


Wednesday,  01/08/03  10:17 PM

Yippee.  I've been Googled

164 of you have visited so far, of whom 50 have returned at least once.  Thanks!

Guess what?  Posts since your last visit are shaded.  Please let me know what you think!


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