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Monday,  01/06/03  10:46 AM

Yippee, 79 visitors.  Thanks for coming by...

Just read about a program called ExtractStream, which extracts audio and video streams from a Tivo.  It requires TivoNet (a self-installed physical modification to your Tivo which provides an ethernet interface).  Looks wonderfully user-unfriendly.  I look forward to pissing away many hours messing around with it!  (And to think I nearly bought a DVD-recorder to make analog copies of Tivo recordings...)


The nonfiction publishing landscape

Monday,  01/06/03  12:44 PM

The clouds enveloping the foreign world of non-fiction publishing are breaking up a little - I'm getting glimpses of the landscape...  Thanks to everyone who's responded with ideas and contacts.  And Google is still my friend.

Two new concepts:

  1. Book Proposals.  According to Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write (which I've ordered): 

    "A book proposal is a marketing tool used to describe your book idea and sell it to a publisher.  Virtually all nonfiction books are sold by proposal.  It serves as the conventional means of communication between writer and agent/editor.  In addition, it serves as a powerful aid to you, the writer, by helping you refine ideas, clarify organization, and speed the eventual writing of your book."

    Looks like I have a new Task One.

  2. Literary Agents.  Product managers for books.  According to

"There is more to being a writer than stringing words together. Even great writers have to do more than write. Unless you can persuade someone to publish the words you slave over, your writing will remain unknown and unread and writing will drain rather than fill your bank account.

That's where a Literary Agent comes in. Your literary agent is the book-marketing expert who can sell your crafted words to jaded publishing professionals...  ...Your job, which isn't easy, is produce writing that an agent can believe in."

Looks like I have a new Task Two.

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    Monday,  01/06/03  02:31 PM

    The Wired Rave Award nominees for 2003 are in (aka "renegade of the year").  Want my opinion?


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